Turntables & DJ Controller

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To explain you the difference between Turntables & DJ Controller, we will start from telling you what’re they:

A turntable is the circular rotating platform of a phonograph (a.k.a. record player, gramophone, turntable, etc.). Turntables are used with a mixer and allow DJs to play vinyl records.

DJs can match the tempos of different records by adjusting the playback speed of the turntable. It can be made either by adjusting the speed knob, or by manipulating the platter. By doing this, the records’ rhythms can be played together at the same time without clashing. It makes a smooth, seamless transition from one song to another (beat matching).

Some DJs use turntables as musical instruments for scratching, beat juggling and other turntablism techniques. Crate digging is necessary to have unique records. It means checking record stores, flea markets or thrift shops for second hand music on vinyl.

A DJ controller is digital musical equipment. It allows the DJ to emulate the traditional DJ mixer and turntables on a single piece of equipment and a laptop or a computer.

A controller basically looks like a combination of a DJ mixer and the traditional turntable. The spot for vinyl tracks is replaced with a permanent job wheel that allows you to mix and adjust tracks the same way a turntable works. It also has knobs and buttons that allow the DJ to adjust volumes, bass, frequencies and other essential elements in DJing and track mixing. A controller is connected it to a computer (with DJ software) via USB. 

We hope now you understand the difference between Turntables & DJ Controller! Controllers make DJing more easy these days because they are cheaper. Also you don’t need to have heavy boxes with records with you. But if you like crate digging, scratching or you like this old school sound it is better to choose turntables.