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Tips for Bartenders during the Quarantine

While all the clubs and bars are closed, bartenders should use this opportunity to improve themselves! Here is a list of tips for bartenders – what you can do during the quarantine if you want to grow: 

  • Mixology is art. Start experimenting, learn how to do your own signature drinks! If you come up with an amazing cocktail, the owner of the place where you work can add it to the menu  and you will end up have a bunch of fans coming just for it!  
  • Read about bartending and mixology. Choose the newest books, guides and article because the bartending world also doesn’t stay still, it changes and you should be sure that you are aware of the new tendencies. 
  • Practice Flair Bartending. Entertaining the clients is very important. Flair Bartending is a real show and brings a lot of tips!  

Follow your passion and bring your skills and knowledge to the next level. Now is the best time for it! We hope our tips will help!