How to make your music sound professional? Mastering is an answer!  It is a form of audio post production. The process of preparing and transferring recorded audio from a source which contains the final mix to a data storage device (the master). The source serves to produce all the copies via methods such as pressing, duplication […]

DJ Terminology

We prepared for you the first part of DJ terminology. Bar – is one small segment of music that holds a certain number of beats. In dance music a bar is 4 “beats”.  Beat – the beat is the basic unit of time, the pulse, of the mensural level. The beat is the rhythm listeners would tap their toes […]

DJ & Music Production Course

This is how classes with DJ Raquel DK look like 🔥🎧  At the Academy we have a fully equipped recording studio with Pioneer XDJ-RX and Rekordbox, soundcards, guitars, piano and DJ controllers. We know that the more practice you have, the better. That is why one of the controllers you can borrow for training with your […]

Beat Maker & Music Producer

What is the difference between a beat maker & a music producer? Comment below!  A beatmaker composes beats using sampled sounds of chords, drums, guitars and even a vocal top-line. Afterwards he sells his beats to artists. It applies more to Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap and Urban music.  A music producer has a vision. It is a person who: takes some […]