Bartending Competitions

In today’s post we will tell you about bartending competitions.  If you are already an experienced bartender, it is time to show your skills. Participating in competitions has a lot of advantages. For example, connecting with people from the industry and getting inspiration. Winning a competition is great for your CV and increases you chances […]

Teacher for Bartender Courses – Luis Hernandez

If you still do not know señor Hernandez, it is time to introduce him to you! Luis Hernandez is our teacher for bartender courses. Luis has 15 years of experience in bartending and is a champion of national and international flair competitions. So he is the boss of flairing and mixology. Have any doubts? Check his profile in Instagram @luigihernandezflair! 

Flair Bartending

Do you know what Flair Bartending is? 😏⁣  A practice of bartenders entertaining guests with the manipulation of bar tools and liquor bottles in tricky, dazzling ways. It looks really impressive and is very important to learn if you want to become a professional bartender. ⁣  There are flair competitions. Participate and win! It will increase you […]

How to Practice Flair Safely at Home

As promised we will tell you how to practice Flair Bartending safely at home!⁣⁣  First of all, you should get the equipment – shakers and bottles. Don’t take risk of hurting yourself or destroying your home🏚 It is definitely better to practice with training bottles which are unbreakable. They can be made of high endurance plastic or flexible rubber (these […]