How to make your music sound professional? Mastering is an answer!  It is a form of audio post production. The process of preparing and transferring recorded audio from a source which contains the final mix to a data storage device (the master). The source serves to produce all the copies via methods such as pressing, duplication […]

DJ Terminology

We prepared for you the first part of DJ terminology. Bar – is one small segment of music that holds a certain number of beats. In dance music a bar is 4 “beats”.  Beat – the beat is the basic unit of time, the pulse, of the mensural level. The beat is the rhythm listeners would tap their toes […]

Crate Digging

Have you heard about crate digging? Have you ever been to a vinyl music store? These stores are as magical for DJs as bookstores for bookworms.  DJ’s and collectors call Crate Digging the act of searching records in stores, flea markets or thrift shops. This practice is associated with hip hop producers, who searched for rare records with sounds to sample […]

The Art of Beatmatching

One of the first steps in learning to DJing, is to learn the art of beatmatching! If you don’t know already, it is a technique that involves matching the tempo of an upcoming track to that of the currently playing track so that they hit key points at the same time.   You should pay attention […]

DJs at the Lockdown

Cancelations of parties, festivals and other events are taking place everywhere. Artists all over the world are affected by the situation. But it is not the reason to give up! Look what DJs can do while staying at the lockdown:  Check Genius video series called “Deconstructed”, where beatmakers of the top hip-hop beats explain how they made it.  […]