Sun Protection Tips
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Do you protect your skin from the sun?☀️ We use face sunscreens every day because there are so many sunny days in Marbella!⁣ Read below our sun protection tips.

Photoaging is a term we use to characterize changes to skin cased by continuous, long-term exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. It consists of three groups: UVA, UVB and UVC. While UVC is completely absorbed by the ozone layer and atmosphere, UVA and UVB reach us when we are exposed to the sun.

That is why you need to search for the sunscreen which has “Broad Spectrum” on a label. It means that it contains ingredients that effectively protect against UVA rays as well as UVB. ⁣ 

Also, you should apply it correctly – 15-30 mins before leaving the house and renew it every 2 hours or after swimming.⁣ 

Other effective measures of sun protection are:⁣ 

  • ⁣ Clothing. Do not forget to cover your skin and wear a UV-blocking sunglasses 🕶 to protect your eyes.⁣ 
  • ⁣ Stay in the shade. But be aware that it isn’t a perfect shield. Some UV rays still can reach your skin, passing through the leaves and branches or reflecting off the water, sand and glass. 

Sun protection is an important part of taking care of your skin, so be sure to use our tips! Learn more about skin care on our makeup courses!