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Shooters / Shots

Shooters / shots are small servings of spirits or mixed drinks. Typically consumed quickly, always in a single gulp and it is common to serve a shooter as a “side” to a larger drink.

A shot can include anything from 30ml to 100ml. It may also contain one to several spirits and be stirred, layered, shaken or simply poured.

Many bartenders usually create their own signature shooters / shots after being a bartender for a while. So two creations may have the same name but taste completely different because of the different ingredients and the methods used. This varies from bartender to bartender as well as various bars and countries.

A shot is usually served in a shot glass. One of the versions of how the word “shot glass” appeared is connected to medicine, as in receiving a shot of medicine.

Another version is about Friedrich Otto Schott, the co-founder of the German glassworks factory which invented the glass. However, when the glass came to America its name was adapted and changed to Shot Glass instead of Schott Glas.

There are different types of shots:

  • Layered shots – are made with different spirits together. When spirits of different densities are carefully placed on top of each, they don’t mix and look like layers of floating liquid.
  • Bomb shots – are a cool show. A drink in a small glass (typically a shot glass) is dropped into a larger glass holding a different drink.
  • Flaming shots – contains flammable alcohol, which is ignited prior to consumption.

During our bartending course you will learn how to make all types of shots. For example: B52, Galliano Hot Shot, Flatliner, Bastille Bomb, Liquid Cocaine, Tequila Slammer, etc.