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On this breathtaking picture you can see Ronda. If you are not from Spain, you may not know that in Andalucia there are so many places that are worth visiting. When taking our courses in Marbella, you will have time to visit many places!

Today we will tell you about this charming town which is located just one-hour drive away from Marbella. 

Ronda is situated in a mountainous area with a river Guadalevín running through it. The river divides the city in two with 100-meter-deep El Tajo canyon. The spectacular bridge called Puente Nuevo connects the two sides of the city.

Among the most popular sights are 2 more bridges (Puente Romano and Puente Viejo), Plaza de Socorro, the Palacio of the Marqués de Salvatierra with the small collection of Renaissance art and artefacts. 

American artists Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles spent many summers in Ronda, and both wrote about its beauty. 

One day is enough for this trip and our students normally do it on the weekends, when there are no classes at the Academy. There are buses available at the Marbella bus station.