Nightlife Calling: Black Coffee/Ame Live



Earlier this week Olivia Valere gave this season’s nightlife a much needed surprise, bringing Black Coffee to the scene. This South African DJ is a legend, his house, afro-house and deep house beats are one of a kind and so he showed us on Tuesday 17th. But don’t stress if you missed the night, because he’ll be back on the 7th of August to bless us with his presence once again, be sure not to miss it.


In case you were busy hiding under a rock on Saturday night, Momento (recently launched nightclub in Marbella) infused the night with the incredible german-duo Âme, formed by DJs Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer playing live… where’s the praising hands emoji when you really need it? They spun classy deep house beats all through the session, one I’m glad I didn’t miss!