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 International Pro Bartender | 4 weeks in the Academy.

Our 4 week Bartender course is designed for individuals who are seriously considering a full time career as an International Bartender with Pro skills. There´s no need to take any other Bartender course prior or after this because this Bartender course takes you from beginner level through to Pro level  (with no previous experience).

We welcome students from all over the world.
The class are being held in English and Spanish.


4 week International Bartender Master + Mixology

 1,550.00 2,100.00

All cocktails are mixed with real alcohol.
Flights, Accommodation & Lunch are included in the complete package.

4 Week International Bartender Education.
Internationally approved course material in 4-color.
International Diploma & Education Guarantee.
Internship at Karma Beach Club Marbella

In addition to this we offer:
Lunch all school days.
Welcome Dinner & Exam Bubble.
VIP card, Barhopping, Pool or beach party, Beach activities.


Course info

1550 EUR
4 Weeks Bartender education with Mixology and lunch.

1850 EUR
4 Weeks Bartender education with Mixology & Accommodation and lunch.

2100 EUR
4 Weeks Bartender education with Mixology, Flight, Transfer, Accommodation & Lunch.

(Airline ticket can be choosen from most capitals in Europe)

Read the terms for booking.

Course dates

Course package

Course, Course, Acco, Course, Acco, Transfer, Flight

Course Dates 2018

17 July – 14 Aug, 14 Aug – 11 Sept, 11 Sept – 09 Oct, 09 Oct – 06 Nov

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International Certificate
Our curriculum is structured to follow the requirements of all the biggest clubs and follows all guidelines for International Bartender Training. After completing the course, and when you got your certificate as International Pro Bartender (I.B), you are ready to work in any bar around the world!


Important things to Know

  • International spirit brands. we use all international spirits brands that you recognize.We will also day to day to go through all spirits, taste, smell, learn about the origin and manufacturing process.

  • World Champion Teachers We at MEA has many years of experience from bars and nightclubs all over the world. Our Pro staff has many gold medals together as Bartender and Flairing champions. MEA is very well connected and hundreds of our former students are now working in various bars and clubs around the world. When you apply for a job, let us know so we will send you our recommendations for your future work!

  • All included. All tools including flairingbottle during class and personal book for the course with full color recipes class are included. You will also receive Student discount in our shop plus a VIP-card that gives discounts on food and drinks in Puerto Banus.
  • Flairing and Practice in real bar. During the four weeks you will learn flairing like Tom Cruise in Cocktail and tryout in a real bar.
  • Apprenticeship in the famous beach club; Karma Beach Club Marbella is given to our best talents this summer.
    *If less than 5 students in a group we will still do the class but the days/hours might be shortened.

What´s covered?

Barsetup and Tools
You will learn how to prepare the bar for the working day, And how to use all the bartender tools as Shaker Muddler, Strainer etc …
Interview techniques and C.V.
You’ll learn how to apply for a bartending job. You learn how to fill out an application, resume preparation, as well as how to dress and answer interview questions.
Mixology and Speedmixing
The art of mixing cocktails. You will learn over 100 cocktails. This part of the course teaches you the principles of Mixology and to prepare many drinks quickly and accurately.
Alcohol awareness
You will learn how to serve alcohol with care and awareness. You’ll learn the laws and regulations and what it takes to get an alcohol license. We also go through what happens in a night club control.
Fruit cutting and decoration
You will learn how to cut fruits and decorate tropical and special cocktails.
The art of Alcohol
During this part of Marbella Event Academy’s bartender training you will learn about the spirit brands you work with. Production, history, etc ..
This section teaches you exclusive marketing methods that will increase the sales and your tip.
Customer service
You will learn to provide efficient, courteous service. To know how to give good service gives you good tip. To know how to give good service means more money in the pocket for both you and your boss / bar owners.

Marbella Event Academy & HYPE Summer

  • Are you the Next International Pro Bartender?!

 You will learn all necessary to work as International Pro Bartender (I.B) in any bar directly after training.

You can also practice in real life at Karma Beach Club Marbella and you get a VIP card to Marbella & Puerto Banus. Marbella Event Academy is the only Bartender school with hot Job offers to our best students.



Unique training guarantee

If you for whatever reason are forced to cancel the Bartender training you are welcome to take the course free of charge at any available date within 2 years. (See terms and conditions when booking)

Marbella Event Academy Video

Four weeks with Marbella Event Academy

International Certificate
After the school you will receive an official certificate as  International Pro Bartender (I.B) in English with the course plan.
Train to Pro Bartender in Spain. Full-time 5 days/week for 4 weeks. Plus you get to enjoy the sun and new friends!
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Pass the exam on first try
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Recommends the Academy to a friend
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Loves Marbella

Price and packages 2018

4 Weeks Bartender education, Mixology & lunch.

€ 1550 EUR
4 Weeks Professional Bartender course with Mixology and flairing
Mon-Fri 10:00-15:00.
Lunch every school day
All tools including flairingbottle during class
Personal book for the course with full color recipes
Practice in bars at night
Student discount in our shop
VIP-card that gives discounts on food and drinks
Welcome diner and Exam bubble in puerto Banus plus Pool or beach party
€ 1850 included Accommodation and lunch.
€ 2100 included Flight, Transfer, Accommodation & Lunch.

Basic Bartender Weekend

€ 450
15 Hours / 1 Weekend Pro Bartender class
Fri 18:00 - 21:00 | Sat 11:00 - 17:00 | Sun 11:00 - 17:00
Intensive course in bartending, learn the secrets of a pro Barman
For beginners or Bartenders and waiters that need to upgrade their skills
All tools including flairingbottle during class
Personal book for the course with full color recipes
Student discount in our shop
VIP-card that gives discounts on food and drinks in Puerto Banus.