How to Become a Professional DJ
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At the beginning everyone who wants to become a DJ is asking this question. If you also want to know the answer – continue reading! ⁣⁣ 
Firstly, to become a professional DJ you will need to learn mixing techniques, music history, how to use the equipment and DJ software.

Also it is very important to learn how to match your own musical expressions with the desires of an audience.

You can learn it on your own or on our DJ course! Having pro DJ, who is explaining everything, can help you to reach a good level faster than on your own.⁣⁣ 
Afterwards, ask yourself what is your goal and what do you need for achieving it?

For example, you want to play for your friends at private parties, become a resident DJ in a club or you want to become a world-famous DJ and constantly travel visiting festivals and clubs?⁣⁣ Think about it!
Whatever your goal is, you have to start practicing, developing your own routines, creating playlists, publishing and sharing your mixes. You will need your own hardware. If you are taking our course, you can borrow a DJ controller and train extra hours on your own. ⁣⁣ 
When you are finished with the previous steps, it’s time to play for a real audience!

Hustle and search for a place where you can play. In the Academy we will give you the opportunity to play sets at our supported locations (nightclubs, beach clubs, bars and private events). ⁣⁣

We hope this guide will help you to achieve you goal of becoming a professional DJ. Good luck!