DJs at the Lockdown
Category, DJ & Music Production, ENG

Cancelations of parties, festivals and other events are taking place everywhere. Artists all over the world are affected by the situation. But it is not the reason to give up! Look what DJs can do while staying at the lockdown: 

  • Check Genius video series called “Deconstructed”, where beatmakers of the top hip-hop beats explain how they made it. 
  • Manage your music library. It is always better to have everything organized and it will be easy to search for the tracks. 
  • Make a playlist on Spotify, share it and let people to enjoy it! 
  • Stream a Dj set online in Instagram, Facebook or where you have more followers. 
  • Watch a documentary about your favorite Dj, music group or artist.  
  • Make a mix so later you can send it to the clubs and magazines to get a job or publication. 
  • Spend some time digging for new music! 

Spend this time to improve your knowledge and skills! When everything will be over, there will be so many parties and you will be killing it!!