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Cruelty Free Makeup

Do you know that some make up products are tested on animals? 

According to Cruelty Free International, each year companies worldwide use over 115 million animals for carrying out tests.

Some countries like the European Union, Israel, India, Norway, Switzerland, South Korea and New Zealand have banned animal testing, but China, for example, still requires it. 

In Marbella Event Academy we think that there is no excuse for animal cruelty. There are better alternatives to animal testing. For example, many companies choose to use in vitro testing. It has many advantages over animal testing. Cultured cell tissues also exist as well as computer models.  

Science favors these alternatives over animal testing because they’re more conclusive, but animal testing has the advantage of being low-cost. Companies use animals only because they’re more “affordable”, which is extremely unethical. 

On our makeup courses we provide our students only with cruelty free professional makeup products. 

You can visit to check if a brand is cruelty free.