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Master DJing and Music Production in Marbella!


Join our comprehensive 4-week course starting September 30, 2024.
Learn from industry experts and gain real-world experience..

Combined DJ & Music Production Course


Enter the Profession:
Gain comprehensive knowledge in both DJing and music production.

Practice & Create Portfolio:
Participate in extensive practice sessions and develop a diverse portfolio featuring both DJ performances and original tracks.

Apply for Gigs:
Prepare for a career in both fields with professional guidance on job applications, resume building, and industry networking.

You can choose to enroll in either the DJ Training course, the Music Production course, or both courses for a comprehensive learning experience.


Course Overview

4 weeks (70 hours)

Weeks 1-2: DJ Training
Weeks 3-4: Music Production

Enroll in DJ training, music production, or both.


DJ Training:

Basics to advanced techniques,
live performance practice, genre-specific mixing.

Music Production:
Software proficiency (e.g., Logic Pro),
creating original tracks, mixing and mastering.

What You'll Learn


  • Master DJ equipment and software
  • Techniques for mixing and transitioning
  • Music production skills: software, track creation, and mastering
  • Live performance experience at local venues
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Hands-on Learning. Industry Experts.
SInce 2006

Why Choose Us

Benefit from the guidance of seasoned professionals who bring real-world expertise to the classroom.

Our courses are carefully crafted to cover both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, ensuring you’re fully prepared for success.

Get hands-on experience through immersive training sessions and real-world projects, setting you apart from the competition.

Receive an internationally recognized certificate upon completion, opening doors to career opportunities around the world.


What They Say

I would definitely recommend this course, It is a combination of a lovely holiday and an excellent education!

Jesper G

Jesper G

If you for whatever reason are forced to cancel the training,
you are welcome to take the course free of charge at any available date within 2 years
(see terms and conditions when booking).


Next course starts Monday 30 September in Marbella.