Tips for Bartenders during the Quarantine

While all the clubs and bars are closed, bartenders should use this opportunity to improve themselves! Here is a list of tips for bartenders – what you can do during the quarantine if you want to grow:  Mixology is art. Start experimenting, learn how to do your own signature drinks! If you come up with […]

DJs at the Lockdown

Cancelations of parties, festivals and other events are taking place everywhere. Artists all over the world are affected by the situation. But it is not the reason to give up! Look what DJs can do while staying at the lockdown:  Check Genius video series called “Deconstructed”, where beatmakers of the top hip-hop beats explain how they made it.  […]

Flair Bartending

Do you know what Flair Bartending is? 😏⁣  A practice of bartenders entertaining guests with the manipulation of bar tools and liquor bottles in tricky, dazzling ways. It looks really impressive and is very important to learn if you want to become a professional bartender. ⁣  There are flair competitions. Participate and win! It will increase you […]

Beat Maker & Music Producer

What is the difference between a beat maker & a music producer? Comment below!  A beatmaker composes beats using sampled sounds of chords, drums, guitars and even a vocal top-line. Afterwards he sells his beats to artists. It applies more to Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap and Urban music.  A music producer has a vision. It is a person who: takes some […]

How to Practice Flair Safely at Home

As promised we will tell you how to practice Flair Bartending safely at home!⁣⁣  First of all, you should get the equipment – shakers and bottles. Don’t take risk of hurting yourself or destroying your home🏚 It is definitely better to practice with training bottles which are unbreakable. They can be made of high endurance plastic or flexible rubber (these […]

Dry Ice

Dry ice is cool and fun, right? It is used by bartenders to create a smoke effect 💨 in cocktails. But only when used correctly, it is perfectly safe. It is not an ordinary ice 🧊 and there are some things you should know before working with it. It is the solid form of carbon dioxide. […]

How to Become a Professional DJ

At the beginning everyone who wants to become a DJ is asking this question. If you also want to know the answer – continue reading! ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Firstly, to become a professional DJ you will need to learn mixing techniques, music history, how to use the equipment and DJ software. Also it is very important to learn […]


El Cañuelo Where to find it: 13km from the East of Nerja, on the border between Malaga and Granada The truly magical element to this beautiful beach is the fact that it’s situated in a designated nature reserve and therefore is a protected space. Vehicles are parked at the top of the mountain above and […]

23 reasons to educate yourself on Marbella Event Academy

Do you have plans to become an bartender, Make-up Artist, DJ or hairdresser? Then you should do it in Marbella Event Academy in southern Spain. My name is Nikilina and has been responsible for PR the last two years. To now have to move on and leave this great and wonderful job working for someone else […]

Valentine 14 feb 2020

❤️GET YOUR FREE MAKE UP DONE BY CELEBRITY MAKE UP ARTIST ON VALENTINE’S DAY!❤️ ❤️Girls, look no further as we have got our doors OPEN FOR YOU TO COME AND LOOK FABULOUS on Valentine’s Day – 14 February! Time: 18:00 – 21:00 ❤️Make sure to prebook and get it all for free!10 euro if you […]