DJ Raquel DK

We proudly present Raquel de Damas Khaldi a.k.a. DJ Raquel DK. Our teacher of DJ & Music Production courses.  Raquel started her journey in 2012 and now she is a successful international DJ. She plays many music genres – House, EDM, R&B, Hip hop, Pop & Arabic. We can see her performances in the most prestigious festivals, […]

Teacher for Bartender Courses – Luis Hernandez

If you still do not know señor Hernandez, it is time to introduce him to you! Luis Hernandez is our teacher for bartender courses. Luis has 15 years of experience in bartending and is a champion of national and international flair competitions. So he is the boss of flairing and mixology. Have any doubts? Check his profile in Instagram @luigihernandezflair! 

Cruelty Free Brushes by Niré Beauty

Niré Beauty is an amazing and conscious brand, that is why we choose their sets for our students. They make brushes of the best quality, which last for many years.⁣  At the beginning of the makeup course each student receives a set of professional brushes, a complete makeup brush collection by Niré Beauty.⁣  These brushes are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, […]

DJ & Music Production Course

This is how classes with DJ Raquel DK look like 🔥🎧  At the Academy we have a fully equipped recording studio with Pioneer XDJ-RX and Rekordbox, soundcards, guitars, piano and DJ controllers. We know that the more practice you have, the better. That is why one of the controllers you can borrow for training with your […]

Body Painting

Body painting 🎨 is a form of body art where artists create an artwork directly onto the human skin. From ancient times, people have been using it for hunting, religious and military reasons (camouflage). Nowadays artists use it in fine art, fashion, commercials, at the festivals and events. Body painting is highly creative and gives […]

Gin Basil Smash

Basil in cocktails 🤔 Everyone saw mint in cocktails, but what about basil? We definitely like this ingredient! Check bellow one of our favourite recipes – Gin Basil Smash: Jörg Meyer invented this cocktail in 2008 in Hamburg, Germany. He is the owner of Bar Le Lion and Boilerman.  Ingredients: 50ml Gin   1 bunch basil leaves (never too much)  25ml […]

Turntables & DJ Controller

To explain you the difference between Turntables & DJ Controller, we will start from telling you what’re they: A turntable is the circular rotating platform of a phonograph (a.k.a. record player, gramophone, turntable, etc.). Turntables are used with a mixer and allow DJs to play vinyl records. DJs can match the tempos of different records […]

Cruelty Free Makeup

Do you know that some make up products are tested on animals?  According to Cruelty Free International, each year companies worldwide use over 115 million animals for carrying out tests. Some countries like the European Union, Israel, India, Norway, Switzerland, South Korea and New Zealand have banned animal testing, but China, for example, still requires […]

Tips for Bartenders during the Quarantine

While all the clubs and bars are closed, bartenders should use this opportunity to improve themselves! Here is a list of tips for bartenders – what you can do during the quarantine if you want to grow:  Mixology is art. Start experimenting, learn how to do your own signature drinks! If you come up with […]

DJs at the Lockdown

Cancelations of parties, festivals and other events are taking place everywhere. Artists all over the world are affected by the situation. But it is not the reason to give up! Look what DJs can do while staying at the lockdown:  Check Genius video series called “Deconstructed”, where beatmakers of the top hip-hop beats explain how they made it.  […]