Cosmopolitan, or informally cosmo is one of the most popular cocktails nowadays. Let’s learn more about it!⁣   It gained popularity in the 1990s by its frequent mention on the television program Sex and the City, where Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie Bradshaw, commonly ordered the drink when out with her girlfriends. The film adaptation made a […]

DJ Terminology

We prepared for you the first part of DJ terminology. Bar – is one small segment of music that holds a certain number of beats. In dance music a bar is 4 “beats”.  Beat – the beat is the basic unit of time, the pulse, of the mensural level. The beat is the rhythm listeners would tap their toes […]

Cruelty Free Brands

What are your favorite cruelty free makeup brands? It is hard to choose one, so check some of them:  Anastasia Beverly Hills – is an American cosmetics company best known for its eyebrow products. The company was founded by Anastasia Soare in 1997 in Beverly Hills, California.  Colourpop – founded in 2014 in Los Angeles. You should check their eyeshadow palettes […]

Bartending Terminology

Let’s find out how good you know the bartending terminology! Read below 10 terms every bartender should know:  Bitters – concentrated herbal alcoholic blend frequently added to cocktails to enhance flavor. One of the most notable examples is Angostura bitters, originally from Venezuela. A German physician invented it in 1824 for stomach maladies.  Dash – […]

Crate Digging

Have you heard about crate digging? Have you ever been to a vinyl music store? These stores are as magical for DJs as bookstores for bookworms.  DJ’s and collectors call Crate Digging the act of searching records in stores, flea markets or thrift shops. This practice is associated with hip hop producers, who searched for rare records with sounds to sample […]

Shooters / Shots

Shooters / shots are small servings of spirits or mixed drinks. Typically consumed quickly, always in a single gulp and it is common to serve a shooter as a “side” to a larger drink. A shot can include anything from 30ml to 100ml. It may also contain one to several spirits and be stirred, layered, shaken […]

The Art of Beatmatching

One of the first steps in learning to DJing, is to learn the art of beatmatching! If you don’t know already, it is a technique that involves matching the tempo of an upcoming track to that of the currently playing track so that they hit key points at the same time.   You should pay attention […]

Bartender and Mixologist

Do you know the difference between Bartender and Mixologist?  Let’s start by defining who is the mixologist. He is a cocktail designer, who creates extraordinary drinks and develops signature cocktails, prepares own house-made syrups, bitters and liqueur or other ingredients   The bartender is an individual with a passion for making beautiful, well-crafted drinks fast and efficiently using the recipes […]

Old Fashioned

Did you know that cocktails were invented in the 18th century? British newspaper printed in March, 1798 first mentioned the term cocktail. Old Fashioned is one of the oldest cocktails, developed during the 19th century. Check its classic recipe below:  INGREDIENTS 45 ml Bourbon or Rye Whiskey 1 Sugar Cube Few Dashes Angostura Bitters Few Dashes Plain Water  METHOD Place sugar cube in old […]