Best of Beauty: Protecting Your Summer Hair



Argan Oil

If you’re searching for any new hair products this summer, be sure to check that organ is one of it’s main ingredients, the African oil its sworn to moisturize and fight dryness better than any of its competitors. You can work it on the ends, or coat your entire hair and sit back for a while.

Chlorine Consequences

Pool chlorine has a funny way of turning our hair all kinds of shades, but non-desired like yellow, red and even green. If you have yellow highlights, you’ll definitely feel the suffering of the summer burn on your hair colour. I recommend using a purple-hued toning shampoo, cancelling out the yellow in the highlights.


Curls? Yes

The extra humidity during this summery season works completely in your favour adding that bouncy volume. To keep them defined use a lightweight hydrating cream and apply it to damp hair.


Beachy Waves

It’s a thing! Especially in the summer, we’d all love to exit the sea with the perfect salted-hair-look, to recreate you can use salt spray and a dry-finish styler to hold the waves. Wrap strands of hair around a curling iron and make sure to shake it out, rather than brush.

Instant Chic

So you’ve finished at the beach and you’re heading straight on to dine somewhere… simply smooth a hair mask throughout your dampened hair, comb it back into a low bun and voila!