Beat Maker & Music Producer
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What is the difference between a beat maker & a music producer? Comment below! 

A beatmaker composes beats using sampled sounds of chords, drums, guitars and even a vocal top-line. Afterwards he sells his beats to artists. It applies more to Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap and Urban music. 

A music producer has a vision. It is a person who:

  • takes some raw ideas and shapes them into a polished finished product that people want to buy;
  • has knowledge of how to create a structure of a song. He takes components (a guitar track recorded by some artist, a vocal track, drummer, bass, keyboard) and puts them together to create music;
  • knows how to mix, edit and combine those tracks to create a song.

A music producer also can compose music. It’s a creative role with a lot of control – like being a movie director.  

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