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Bartending Competitions

In today’s post we will tell you about bartending competitions. 

If you are already an experienced bartender, it is time to show your skills. Participating in competitions has a lot of advantages. For example, connecting with people from the industry and getting inspiration.

Winning a competition is great for your CV and increases you chances of success when applying for a job in a prestigious club or bar. You will also get the prize money! 🤑⁣  

Check our list of some remarkable competitions: 

  • Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition @bacardi.legacy is a cocktail competition with various local (national or regional) and global stages. It begins locally in each participating country and culminates in a global final. Each Bacardi Legacy National Champion competes to become the Bacardi Legacy Global Champion. 
  • Monin Cup @monin_europe is a competition for bartenders, organized by Monin. It takes place in several stages: nationally and then internationally. The first stage of this competition takes place in more than 57 countries. The objective is to give young bartenders the opportunity to compete in a professional competition! The winner of each of these local competitions then represents his country during the international final of the Monin Cup. 
  • World Flair Association @worldflairassociation is an association dedicated to flair bartending. They organize Grand Slam World Series & World Finals. It is the leading annual flair bar-tending World Championships. 
  • Patrón Perfectionists Cocktail Competition has grown from a single country competition in the UK to a year round program that spans six continents. It involves at least 32 countries and many thousands participating. 
  • Speed Rack @speed_rack – its idea is to celebrate women. Women creators founded it in February of 2011 in order to support each other, in and out of the spirits industry. An exclusively woman high-speed bartending competition designed to highlight up-and-coming self-identifying females in the cocktail industry and give back to those impacted by breast cancer. 

On our bartending courses you will learn Flair Bartending, Mixology and Speedmixing! Add a lot of practice and you will be able to participate in the competitions too!