Bartender and Mixologist
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Do you know the difference between Bartender and Mixologist? 

Let’s start by defining who is the mixologist. He is a cocktail designer, who creates extraordinary drinks and develops signature cocktails, prepares own house-made syrups, bitters and liqueur or other ingredients  

The bartender is an individual with a passion for making beautiful, well-crafted drinks fast and efficiently using the recipes and ingredients prepared by the mixologist. He is also filling drink orders for the wait staff and caring for a bar full of guests, making them feel welcome and telling tall tales. He is also responsible for confirming that customers meet the legal drinking age requirements before serving them alcoholic beverages.

Shortly speaking, the bartender knows what ingredients are used in a particular cocktail. The mixologist knows you need to prepare a cocktail with those ingredients. 

In Marbella Event Academy we have courses for both bartenders and mixologist.

We hope the difference is clear now! You can be a bartender without being a mixologist, but the opposite is not possible. To be successful you need to be both! So, study hard, turn on imagination and keep your passion burning!